Argoplast - Plastics Factory


Our company has a great experience in the study, design and manufacture in the sector of plastic tanks, kegs and reservoirs from 1970. Our experience in conjuction with the collaboration with the bigger companies worldwide in the sector of plastics, allows us to offer to you the latest technology (Rotational Moulding) plastic tanks, reservoirs, kegs and barrels of all types and dimensions (from 10 lt up to 50000 lt). Our products are made of polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (P.P), as well as other materials, and they can be used for the storage of liquids, solids, food, chemicals, water but also specialised applications for rural, domestic and industrial use.

The tangs and the reservoirs that we manufacture are suitable for the storage and transport of liquids and solids. Thus they can be used for storage and transport of olive oil, wine, water, fruit juices, milk, but also for oils, chemicals etc and in a lot of other applications, as in the industry, or for rural and domestic use. Our products offer safe storage, big resistance, big duration of life, easy transport and cleaning, in the lowest factory prices.